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200 Favourites! :D (No Wai!)

2011-02-23 11:55:46 by Catstuffer

Thanks Newgrounders For all your words of encouragement, and constructive reviews over the last few years. They mean a lot, and they are what have helped bend and tweak my music and continue to do so.

I hope to continue to improve and provide quality free music for your hungry Ipods! :D

100 favourites!

2010-01-16 23:09:29 by Catstuffer

Just like to say thanks to all of you who fav'd me as an artist. I really appreciate knowing that some of you don't mind my junk too much xD.

Catstuff here!

2008-06-04 17:01:28 by Catstuffer

Hey there! I don't think I will be submitting any flash portal items, but I do like music! I submit pretty much every weekend and I seem to be getting some pretty good reviews so if you have a moment, check it out!