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100 favourites!

2010-01-16 23:09:29 by Catstuffer

Just like to say thanks to all of you who fav'd me as an artist. I really appreciate knowing that some of you don't mind my junk too much xD.


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2010-05-03 21:59:22

i did knot know that but canada is awsome i will move there when i have the money :]

Catstuffer responds:

do it!


2010-05-06 20:27:19

Did I add you as a fav yet? I better do that :)

Catstuffer responds:



2010-05-18 20:27:15

hope i don't sound stupid but how do you favorite artists?
I've been looking for a "favorite this artist" button but i cant find one.

Catstuffer responds:

nah, newgrounds has a weird layout. Took me weeks to find the download button. lol. Its in the top left corner info for the song you have chosen to lsiten to. You can fav the artist and the song.


2010-05-18 21:35:31

catstuffer is an awesoem name

Catstuffer responds:

lol, thanks


2010-06-09 20:20:56

hahahaha Catstuffer


2010-07-04 19:27:30

100 favs!!!

Catstuffer responds:



2010-07-07 17:09:40

Congratz :)
Definitely fav'd .Expect moore crazeh song from u :)

Catstuffer responds:



2010-09-09 19:45:33

Your crazy, your music is lovely!

Catstuffer responds:

:D Yay!!


2010-09-19 09:56:32

I'm A newbe and you man i have to Say is my favorite Yo I like what you do keep it going

Catstuffer responds:

iight, I'll do my best


2010-09-26 17:02:24

Hey no prob. You deserve my Time!
Ur songs are cool, so dont be surprised.

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks, I appreciate your comments


2010-10-20 02:54:29

you'z a good artist, i like your music. keep up the (good) music making and the cat stuffing ;D

Catstuffer responds:

lol, alright, will try!


2010-12-25 16:21:56

I like your songs, but I don't know which of your songs is in the game: Ghastle Hassle. Can you tell me? I loved the song. Thanks for submitting these awesome songs.

Catstuffer responds:

That would be ~ Trip to Pandora ~ , sorry for the late response!


2010-12-28 22:07:06

I love You! lol, but really, your music rocks.

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks... just don't get tooo friendly xD


2011-01-04 20:42:50

finally found the favourite button :O

Catstuffer responds:

I know eh? Why does it have to be so tiny!??


2011-02-21 06:14:04

What can I say? I love Happy Hardcore.

Catstuffer responds: