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Entry #3

200 Favourites! :D (No Wai!)

2011-02-23 11:55:46 by Catstuffer

Thanks Newgrounders For all your words of encouragement, and constructive reviews over the last few years. They mean a lot, and they are what have helped bend and tweak my music and continue to do so.

I hope to continue to improve and provide quality free music for your hungry Ipods! :D


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2011-03-24 22:31:13

Keep Up the amazing work!
Also I don't have an i pod T_T

Cough* Laptops are better Cough*



2011-04-26 13:33:56

Lucky, no one ever pays attention to my music anymore... I only have like 6 favorites..


2011-04-26 13:55:05

Your music is amazing upbeat techno is awesome, but you made it better, you truly bend my mind.


2011-05-01 21:37:22

I don't have an iPod, but i do have a cell phone :D


2011-07-27 17:06:54

Hope to hear more and more from you soon!~


2011-08-01 13:29:17

I put your canon song on my iPod :) I remember when 3 years ago, when I was 9, i used to be on newgrounds listening to music and looking at stuff my parents didn't like.


2011-09-15 23:26:54

Don't worry I haven't forgotten you its just hard to have tons of free time in High school! XD

I'll try to check in on you every few weeks to say high and check out music.


2012-08-26 11:26:02


Catstuffer responds:



2014-02-07 04:01:49

congrats, but now you have 318 fans, and hello!

Catstuffer responds:

Whoah!! Thank you! :)


2014-08-13 05:38:01

Do you even come on anymore ? XD

Catstuffer responds:

Yes :)


2015-09-22 22:07:16

please make more music and then I will have some music to game to killing fools who dare oppose me

ps its mostly zombies with the occasional nazie to put down

Catstuffer responds: