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Catstuff here!

2008-06-04 17:01:28 by Catstuffer

Hey there! I don't think I will be submitting any flash portal items, but I do like music! I submit pretty much every weekend and I seem to be getting some pretty good reviews so if you have a moment, check it out!


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2009-01-06 02:13:57

You have some serious talent with the music man! Been looping the metal gear submission for about half an hour and still nodding my head to it! Definately keep up the submissions! Kudos!

Catstuffer responds:

thanks, I will!


2009-01-16 18:42:44

thanks for posting on my page haha lol :) and i didnt draw that pic even tho i admire the person who did! its amazing :)

Catstuffer responds:

lol yes, it is!


2009-03-03 03:44:58

Oh, do you still come on here? If so, new blog, and see you around sometime maybe. Old users with one post in the blog are usually NG no-shows after a month.

Catstuffer responds:

still here, just dont go to my user page very much!


2009-03-20 20:06:14

I love your music and have downloaded a lot of it. You've got talent kid. I think you should get to know the turntables and equipment of a rave DJ (if you havent already) and start a career for yourself. Youve already got a reputation on NG, now just show the rest of the world how awesome you are.

Best of luck,

Catstuffer responds:

wow, thanks a bunch. I dont know if a DJ set up if right for me. I think i'll just keep making tunes for my own and the pleasure of others :D

Right now I'm working with some piano effects to try to incorporate piano in my stuff.

Thanks once again for the comment, hope everything goes well for you too!


2009-04-10 13:20:19

I like your music. You have some talent. By the way I used to LOVE Billy and the Boingers. That's where that cat that your profile pic came from. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Catstuffer responds:

haha! thanks


2010-01-01 20:55:32

Can you make more trance songs? I really like trance.


2010-01-02 18:56:46

Oh, and hello, fellow Canadian!

Catstuffer responds:



2010-01-08 22:50:42

You're a wonderful musician.

Catstuffer responds:



2011-09-10 15:51:24

could you please tell me what you used to make your music?